GEOG 1111 Exam #1 Review (The following list IS NOT all INCLUSIVE.)

1)  Intro. to Geography  &  Earth's Spheres
        -- basic terms & definitions;  physical geographers
        -- 4 spheres(atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere)

2)  Latitude & Longitude
        -- lines of latitude vs lines of longitude;     major lines of lat/long

3)  Earth/Sun Relationships
        -- Rotation vs Revolution;
        -- Seasons: Northern Hemisphere(NH) vs Southern Hemisphere(SH)

4)  Structure of the Atmosphere
        -- Composition; "Ozone Hole" 
        -- Vertical Structure: Air Pressure, Temperature, Layers
5)  Radiation Balance

        -- SW vs LW; Scattering vs Reflection(albedo) vs Absorption
        -- Greenhouse effect

6)  Heat Balance
        -- types of Heat Transfer (Convection vs Conduction vs radiation)
        -- Heat Budget

7)  Global T Distribution
        -- T vs Heat; Six(6) Controls on T;   convert C to F & back
        --  Know the terms wind-chill factor and heat index.

8)  Air Pressure & Wind
        -- Pressure Gradient Force, Coriolis effect; Geostrophic vs. Surface Winds
        -- High pressure cell vs. Low pressure cell

9)  Humidity
        -- humidity, relative humidity, dew point, saturation, states of water

10)  Adiabatic Processes & Atmospheric Stability
        --   DALR  vs  SALR,  condensation level,   adiabatic T change
        --   types of stability,  lifting mechanisms

Map Portion:   Continents, Oceans, Ocean Currents and Islands (some)